2017 - Reviews

Shane S. on April 2017
Was my roommates and I first time EVER being to a range. They helped us pick a pistol that we were both interested in but also fit us and made sure we were comfortable w our recommendations. She answered all of our novice questions w no condensation. The man on the range itself was just as helpful w loading/ misfire questions as well as general shooting advice. Both informational and approachable. Made for a great first range session for the both of us. Will DEFINITELY BE BACK

Ace K on January 2017
I have had nothing but great customer service here. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the selection of firearms and accessories is unmatched in Colorado, and the range is state of the art. Prices on firearms are comparable to market price, sometimes slightly higher but is made up for with the great prices on ammo – the range side is the best pricing in CO hands down. Mostly, gota love the quality service and staff, the family that owns and runs this business are fantastic.

Matt Teegarden on January 2017
My son and I went to the 5280 Armory today to shoot. It was an outstanding experience. The people moved a large crowd of shooters into the range quickly. Everyone working there was kind an helpful. I do not understand negative reviews. I’ll be going back to 5280 Armory to shoot and to train.

skylour grimm on January 2017
Amazing staff is very friendly and helpfull. keep it up guys!

generalcrumley on January 2017

It’s Fantastic. Huge selection and very friendly.

Brady W. on March 2017

The staff was nothing but classy and knowledgeable. Range officers were great and kept a safe environment as well as making sure you were enjoying your experience. Retail selection was fantastic. Definitely my favorite range/store and a place I look forward to coming back to.

Naomi G. on April 2017

The staff at this range are incredibly friendly, easy going, respectful and helpful. That was the most important part to me. I felt free to really have fun and enjoy myself. The building is very well kept and visually appealing. The range is fantastico! In their shop they have an amazingly large gun selection.

Valve G. on January 2017

Great little indoor range, huge selection in the retail section with a polite & knowledgeable staff. So much stuff to look at from cowboy guns to carbines and everything in between! Competitive prices all the way around & massive selection make this place a great one stop shop. With all the classes they offer, it’s a total bonus for new shooters!

Mr. S. on January 2017

5280 Armory store is a fantastic experience. I just bought a rifle I had been looking all over for. I called the shop, they had the rifle in stock so I went in. First off, their store is impressive. The biggest selection I’ve seen outside of Las Vegas.

The store is very well organized by brand and caliber. When I approached the counter a staff member greeted me right away. The rifle I was looking for was in stock as promised and priced VERY competitively (even when compared to online prices).

I was also impressed by their selection of collectors forearms too. If you’re looking for a unique piece of history check here first.

The 5280 Armory offers a ‘cash’ discount on almost all firearms sold there which is nice. Basically they pass along the savings of not having a credit card transaction fee.

The staff overall was friendly and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be driving the 30 minutes from home to make ALL my future purchases here. They are definitely worth the drive.

I’ll be back soon to check out their indoor range, hopefully it’s run as well as the 5280 Armory store.

matt sturbaum on April 2017
I’ve bought a few items here. It’s an amazing shop!!! Lots of great stuff to see. I have been given free range time after making a purchase here as well. Family owned and operated. Gun clerks are knowledgeable but it’s been really busy every time I’ve been in and it can take a minute to talk to a salesperson. Still, be patient, enjoy all of the eye candy, and they will treat you right. Best selection I have ever seen for a non “big box” store. Prices are pretty standard but you can earn a little wiggle room if you’re a loyal customer. I’d rather support these guys than Cabelas or any of the other “big box” retailers who could sell their guns at half of their current pricing and still make a profit based on their volume.e!

Aaron Manning on April 2017
Having been to numerous, ok a ton, of armories over my lifetime; this is the best one I have been to. From the state of the art shooting lanes, including INDOOR 125 YD. RIFLE RANGE, to the staff and selection, this place is quality. The selection of weapons and ammo is incredible. They have an amazing used section, gunsmithing onsite, custom holster creation, and full auto gun rentals. If you are a gun person this place is for you; if you are not a gun person, you will be. Ladies, a good ol’ boys club gun shop this isn’t. Their best trainer is a girl, the staff is equal parts girl, they all know their stuff. Its safe, clean, hands on, and family driven. In short, whether you put thousands of rounds down range or you are just starting out, this is what the best looks like. Thank you 5280 Armory for all you do.

Josh Campos on April 2017

Great selection of guns,ammo,etc. Our salesman Spider was VERY knowledgeable and patent while we looked at 5/6 pistols. His advise was fantastic! Next time were in the market for a new firearm Spider at 5280 will be who we speak with.

Nick Bull on April 2017
Nice people.

J. M . Youngquist on April 2017
Hands down my favorite gun shop in Colorado. The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable.
The best selection of firearms in the state.
That’s why they are known as Colorado’s Gun shop.

William White on April 2017
Best gun store in Colorado in my opinion.

Grand Moff Bauer on March 2017

Bought a handgun from the gents here. Was very happy with my service and how I was treated. Came in looking for one gun, it had sold and they showed me another one which was comparable for what I was after. Will be returning for further purchases.

Mike N Gross on March 2017

Tons of hard-to-find firearms, a great indoor range, and a knowledgeable helpful staff

Garrett Buckmaster on March 2017

Knowledgeable staff very fair pricing. Staff was much more friendly and willing to help than most similar gun shops. It’s a more inviting atmosphere as well

Niffy Ovuworie on March 2017

Super knowledgeable team providing a low pressure sales environment. Wide array of offerings and very reasonable prices.

Eugene W on March 2017
Great Range

Jeka Goldin on April 2015
Walking in I was very impressed, Gina was super nice and answered all of my questions and they had the best price in town for my ammo. Top job guys, thanks for everything.

Shelicia Page on March 2017
These people are great. I enjoy this place very much

James Greaney on March 2017
Great customer service. Great selection.

Colorado 360 Tours on March 2017
Very helpfull

Jordan Schaefer on February 2017
Great selection, friendly knowledgeable staff that makes you feel comfortable regardless of your firearm knowledge! Monthly membership makes hitting the range a cheap outing!

Dan Sallis on February 2017
Great selection and service

Cameron Meeks on February 2017
Nice selection and a great indoor range

Eric Anderson on January 2017
My wife and I went there to test fire some pistols we were shopping. As soon as it was our turn we were greeted in a friendly manner by the redheaded girl who was working the counter. She was polite, friendly, professional and knowledgeable as well as efficient.
The range officer was very friendly and helpful, full of useful advice.
When we were done we stopped into the armory to look at the pistols we had narrowed down to, check prices, get some more input, etc. As soon as we walked in we were greeted and asked if we needed assistance. We said no, not yet. When we had located what we were looking for another employee came over to help. He was very well informed, had lots of useful information to share and tirelessly showed us gun after gun. He walked away when we said we needed to discuss, and happily came back when I also asked to see a shotgun. When we were done with that we started wandering a bit and a female employee let us know they were closed at 6. So we left. When we got to the car we saw it was 6:38pm, they had let us stay and look and ask questions well past closing time without so much as a peep of complaint. Will probably return to purchase there.

Liz Murphy on January 2017
Great prices! And the staff is super friendly!

Alicia Garcia on January 2017
I had the pleasure of visiting this location to purchase my first 9mm handgun. I had been to a few other places before and felt I was given poor treatment because I was a woman, this was not the case here. The staff was very friendly and easy to talk to, extremely patient and knowledgeable.
I purchased my glock 26 and was given an hour range time with my purchase. Chris was in the actual range area and helped me with firing, how to hold my pistol, etc. He was extremely friendly and professional, patient and informative. I highly recommend going here.

Frank Fine on January 2017

Bought my 1st hand gun here and I had a great experience. Staff was helpful and the process was quick and painless. Definitely the largest selection that I have seen.

Angel Diaz on January 2017

Everyone there was friendly very helpful. Honestly one of my better experiences purchasing a gun & I purchased from many different places. Thank you 5280


2016 - Reviews

Melanie D Barela on February 13, 2016

Dear Armoury, I am so pleased with every single person that works at the Armoury. My class was a tremendous help sales was so terrific. My over all experience is 120% and more. I’ve learned so much and will continue my learning journey. Never would I have been so confident to shoot, my new S$P Smith and Wesson 9mm. Thank you all for your patience and kindness to me. Plan on learning more and more. Visiting often❤❤❤


Kris S. on April 2016

5280 has been a great experience for me and continues to be a great experience.  I recently purchased my first firearm and did a lot of research before going to a store.  5280 is close to my work so I gave them a shot.  When I first walked in I was greeted with a smile and hello.  As I looked around the staff was very attentive and showed me a few pistols and answered my silly newbie questions.  I did run into an issue with my background check but a lady from the shop called me a couple weeks later to let me know it cleared up and I was OK to purchase.

Returning to the shop to pickup my pistol I was again greeted with a smile and hello.  Everyone I have interacted with his been really friendly and I always feel welcome there.

For my next trip a buddy and myself decided to hit the range.  The signup process was easy and the gentleman behind the counter answered all my questions.  We paid for 2 lanes and headed into the range.  Upon entering it was very comfortable and well kept.  You could hear the filtration system running and a real slight breeze pushing air forward.  There was an employee in the range sweeping the casings and he was also really helpful.  After my round of shots he came over and asked if I wanted any pointers.  he spent a few minutes with me and gave some great advise.  He also did a fantastic job keeping the range clear of casings.  The target system was really nice as well.  Touch screen controls where you set your distance (yards, ft or meters) and send your targets away or bring them back with the push of a button.

You can also rent a huge assortment of guns (we brought our own) from pistols to fully automatic weapons.  The range ammo I bought here was really cheap and most targets were $2 each.

All and all the few times I have been to 5280 has been a great experience and I will continue to give them my business in the future.  I will probably sign up for the monthly range fee since its only $40 per month while the normal range fee is $20 an hour.  Not sure what has happened with these negative reviews, I have seen nothing respect and friendliness from the employee’s each time I visit.

Caroline K. on April 2016

This was my first time shooting ever, was really nervous and didn’t know quite what to expect. Went to 5280 and had an even better experience than expected! The staff was unbelievably friendly, and helpful. Very knowledgeable and helped me get comfortable and more confident. Boyfriend also bought a firearm, the gentleman helping us was awesome and very helpful. Both are very pleased and will continue going here! Thank you 5280!

Matt T. on December 2016

My son and I went to the 5280 Armory today to shoot.  It was an outstanding experience.  The people moved a large crowd of shooters into the range quickly.  Everyone working there was kind an helpful.  I do not understand negative reviews.  I’ll be going back to 5280 Armory to shoot and to train.

Peter S. on July 2016
Reasonable prices if you’re looking for an item you can’t get an LE/Mil discount on.  Massive selection of anything you can imagine in a firearms shop.  I haven’t used their on-site range or gunsmith but I’d like to.  Staff is very nice and very helpful.

Justin L. on May 2016
This place is awesome. They have a huge selection of guns and collectibles that aren’t for sale. They have some cool guns you can rent to use on the range, the first place I’ve ever seen that has a full auto M60 readily available for use. The staff is friendly and helpful, great place to go shooting or purchase guns/ammo. Prices were on par with what it should be to use a range. I’ll gladly come back.

Floyd W. on February 2016

Great shop with the largest stock of any shop I’ve ever been in. Great people, great knowledge, and state of the art range. Best shop in Denver Metro area.

Mr. L. on January 2016
everyone seem to be very helpful .It was busy still had plenty of employees ask me if ineeded help or if im doing ok .I got me a xds 9mm love it ,smooth sale even the nice young lady who i paid for the purchase was very nice ..nice selection of firearms also

2015 - Reviews

Don Wilson on October 4th, 2015

Just wanted to say my family and I had a great time at Guns and Gears this weekend. It was well worth the drive from Monument, CO. Really enjoyed getting the opportunity to chat with Michael Brown and all the staff was very friendly. I had hoped to do better in the poker shoot, but 2nd place will do for this year. Thanks to all of you at 5280 Armory. I’m sure I’ll find a reason to drive up there again soon.

Tyler Pollesch on October 14th, 2015

Hi — Was at your range a couple weekends ago during your open house; you have an impressive selection of guns and a nice indoor range.


Sean Lazzelle on September 2015

The people of 5280 Armory are fantastic to deal with, My wife a I drove from Colorado Springs to purchase a firearm after two other visits. The shooting range is world class plus the wide selection of firearms that can be rented played a key factor in helping us purchase a new fire arm.Side note: The food trailer has the best onion rings.

Nathan Glore on September 2015

Took a chance on these guys after my usual shop dropped the ball on an order of mine in a big way and having seen their ads at DIA. Have only been in once to purchase an AR platform .22 and felt like I was a long time customer. Spider was a friendly, helpful and relaxed salesman and I had a chance to talk with the owner Matt who was equally gracious. Seems like a well run and established family run business. I will definitely be back to make them take more of my money.

Nathan L. on 09/17/15

5280 Armory has become my go-to for range shooting and shopping.  I’ve been there at least a dozen times now and have had nothing but positive experiences with the range, store, and classroom staff.  Much appreciation to the owners and staff for providing great services!

Cabledog9277 on September 2015
Out of Colorado Springs and Denver, this is my favorite shop. The people are down to earth with good attitudes and the prices are always reasonable. In fact, I priced it and would have saved $400 if I purchased my Colt M4 from 5280 Armory instead of Specialty Sports in Colorado Springs. Out of the places I’ve shopped at, this is the shop and range I picked. You have everything in one place with good people that you don’t feel is trying to hustle you. I’m happy I found the place!

Gina Nielsen on September 2015
Every time my husband and I go they are always so friendly and very knowledgeable ? very nice shooting range and like to help you with any shooting tips on the range to help you to be more accurate on your target with out making you feel small. We loved it.

Jonathan Allen on August 2015

Customer service here is off of the charts. They have a huge inventory and plenty of staff to manage a busy day. I’ve been in a few times and have purchased a couple items, though this last time I went in just to browse and 4 different employees all asked if I needed any help and each offered well thought advice on the different weapons I was looking at.

Jeramiah Johnson on August 2015
very very clean, knowledgeable, safe and well stocked range and store. This will be my home range from here on out, I drive down from Firestone just to give some perspective.

Garrett Hobbs on 08/01/15
Went in to get a specific gun that they had in stock. staff was helpful and showed me the gun i was looking for. they were also the best local price i could find. (ya i could have saved a few dollars online but with shipping and transfer fees they were still cheapest) . they also were the only local shop to have a rifle i was looking for. amazing selection and having a range on site is a plus. who doesn’t want to shoot their new toy right after buying it? will be buying many more guns from 5280 armory.

Alisha Anyan on July 2015
Best experience ever! Their customer service was amazing. Being a girl who has never shot a gun before and getting if for the main purpose of protection in my home, I was so impressed! Gina was amazing in explaining everything and spending so much time with us! Had a great time with Rob practicing and learning how to shoot. They take safety very seriously which I respect. Thank you for such an amazing experience…I will never go anywhere else!

Tigé Style on July 2015

I purchased most all of the firearms here. The owners Matt and Gina have always been extremely courteous and helpful with everything. They have great help in the store, and their selection and knowledge is just ridiculous (in a good way!)I will continue to go to them for many years to come.

Ben S. on 06/29/15

My go-to place when looking for something special. The prices are great, staff leaves you alone, they have their own bathrooms now (part of the new range) and the selection is awesome. They have a food truck, Jax’s, which isn’t bad. I’ve been with this family since they were at the Marshall street location and plan to shop with them for a long time.

Floyd W. on 05/17/15

Went here today with my wife to look at CCW’s for my wife. I was amazed how knowledgeable and patient they were. They took the time to show us a dozen or so different firearms. Explaining everything on each one. What great service and staff. We will definitely be back.

Mikeal S. on 05/05/15

I have bought 3 firearms and numerous other items from 5280 armory over the last 6 weeks and for good reason.  I don’t drive an hour to go there to be treated poorly or to get ripped off on prices.  It is my conclusion that any negative review you may read on 5280 armory (there are only a few, not many) comes from a jealous competitor. In my line of work I witness on a regular basis people who slander and make up lies about others because they are jealous of their success. That is exactly what is going on here.They have the largest selection of firearms you will find anywhere which is great for a few reasons. For one, you get to learn about products you haven’t even heard of or considered. When I bought my AR-15 I was set on getting a Sig Sauer but after speaking with the owner he introduced me to a brand new line of AR-15’s offered by Armalite. I couldn’t be happier with the gun he suggested and it was a better fit for what I wanted than the Sig Sauer was. You also get a chance to see rare firearms that are hard to find. I recently bought a SAIGA-12 (Arsenal build) for $1,000. With the recent import ban on Russian firearms, it has been incredibly difficult to find anywhere that has anything left that is built by SAIGA let alone their legendary 12 gauge, magazine fed shotgun. When I saw they had them I could not resist buying one, especially for that price! That gun should be going for $1,500+. The other great thing about a selection that size is that it makes comparing guns SUPER EASY. I don’t have to drive back and forth between multiple gun stores to compare firearms AND I can use their shooting range located right there at the store (most stores don’t have that).5280 Armory is the best gun store you will find in Colorado, guaranteed. Their staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. But don’t take my word for it. Go check it out for yourself!

victor banares on May 2015
I went by 5280 Armory by accident. On the way to a different gun store to buy some ammo but saw their sign. Went in and looked around. Overwhelming!!! At any rate, the ratio between customer to staff is about 3 to 1 which keeps them a little busy on a Friday afternoon. But nevertheless, the customer service was still spot on. They approached me twice when i was there. Once when i was looking at the pistols and the second time was when i was just walking around looking for my ammo. A gentleman approached me and helped me out. Showed the 1000 round 5.56 to me and even picked up the case and put it on the counter for me after i told him that i will make the purchase. Chatted with me for a bit and bid me a great day and thanked me for coming in. I will definitely return to purchase anything I want and need for my pistols and rifles here. To the staff and owner(s) of 5280 Armory, you have just acquired a long time customer. Thank you!

Jeka Goldin on April 2015
Walking in I was very impressed, Gina was super nice and answered all of my questions and they had the best price in town for my ammo. Top job guys, thanks for everything.

Tiffany Hunter on March 2015
5280 is the BEST!I am new to these experiences and not only do they give me great advice but they have helped me learn and they have invested a great deal of time helping in every step of the way.I feel like I am part of their little family! You will not be disappointed by bringing your business here!

Luke Farrell on March 2015
5280 Armory is the only place I buy firearms from, The owners have always taken care of me and have been reasonable. They have an excellent selection and are always willing to help. I recommend this shop highly. The new facility is a major upgrade.

Cary P. on 03/22/15
We walked in today to browse.  We were pleased to find a huge selection and pricing very competitive even with online once you including transfer fees and shipping. The location is convenient, the armory and range are beautifully maintained and bright, and people are friendly.

Robert Hanson on March 2015
I have known the owners and some of the staff for over 10 years and have bought several thousand worth of firearms from them. (And my friends and relatives are customers too.) I am always dismayed to see negative comments about 5280, and can only imagine what complete jackasses you would have to be to have a negative experience in this shop.
Their new store is well stocked, clean, and well lit. As a gun enthusiast I am thrilled to walk through the door. The staff are polite and knowledgeable. It’s nice to be able to ask a question to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge.
Otherwise, I know firearms, I know prices and I know good people… and 5280 has my business.

Tim G. on 03/16/15
Very knowledgeable and patient staff.  They don’t talk down to you if you’re not a gun nerd.  The inventory is vast but very specific and what I am interested in (not hunting gear).  There’s a large “sportsman” store very close to my house that stocks and sells a lot of guns, but I always drive the extra several miles to go to and purchase from 5280 for their inventory and customer service.

Fred Payton on March 2015
Every single bad review I’ve read, reads like a half wit wrote it. Most don’t know a muzzle from a hammer. Hey if you can save a few bucks driving across a few counties, Go For It ! If you want to shop where the people know whats up in the firearm industry Shop @ 5280 Armory ! If you want to shop where the Hottest guns on the market today are in stock… Shop @ 5280 Armory ! I have known the owners for many years now, since they were doing business out of they’re garage and at the gun shows.
Never have I met people, a family more committed to developing a positive image of this industry and gun ownership as a whole ! These folks eat, sleep and breath firearms 24/7 365 and want nothing more but to be helpful, informative, and caring when helping customers of all knowledge and skill level. Everybody has a bad day. People are human you know. Try to use your head before you speak( or type ) . Also, try to resolve an issue with the person you have it with in a respectful and adult manner, you’ll be surprised at the outcome. 5280 Armory didn’t grow from a home ran one man show to what it is now because they are incompetent or ignorant. This is a Top Shelf operation !
Check it out for your self and make your own assessment. Rock On Boones !

BIG POPPA on January 2015
Great firearms dealer,I have bought a half dozen or so firearms off them and had great service every time and the selection is fantastic,Prices are great too.This is my Colorado gun shop.

The Rut on January 2015
I’m new to this market and purchased my 1st gun, a 22 Colt M4 for me and my son to enjoy. This was the first Gun Shop I walked in to and purchased my rifle with great experience. I have sense learned how fair and nice this shop is in the Denver Metro area. I’ve been in 6 different local shops to purchase 22lr ammunition and they are the only shop that does not price gouging their customer with great customer service in the process! I’m the type of customer that does their research before they purchase and likes to spend money. With that said 5280 will earn all my business going forward as long as they stay true. I will be purchasing a scope and plan on spending 1000s in the months to come. Thank you Scott

John L. on 01/30/15
Haven’t been to the store side, but tried the range. Brand new range, great facility, and a professional and friendly staff. It was my first time shooting and they were friendly, patient and helpful. Highly recommended.

john n. on 01/21/15

I’m about as new as it gets when purchasing guns and this place is very impressive.  It’s a very large space and has lots to choose from (although without anything to compare it to personally).I’ve visited a handful of times mostly with questions and each time, the service was tops.  Everyone was more than happy to help and never felt disrespected for being a novice.  It was extremely busy when I decided to purchase a high-end .308 and they were still very helpful (even with what seemed like complicated class-3 questions… they even gave me the number to their attorney for my legal questions).My wife is a little apprehensive about owning her own weapon but she felt very comfortable and was able to get all her questions answered.  They even offer numerous classes including some beginner shooter classes to put her mind as ease.Haven’t visited the range yet, but it’s nice that its in the neighborhood.

2014 - Reviews
Tim Scott on Oct 13, 2014
First I just want to say how happy I am with the service and products from you guys over the last few years I’ve been coming there. I’ve gotten several awesome firearms there the staff has been great each time. Last week I purchased an Ed Brown Special Forces 1911. As always, service was great! Also, out of the 30+ guns I own, the Ed Brown is my new favorite! It is now my everyday carry. Everything about the gun is amazing! I have a few Wilson Combat 1911s that I thought nothing would ever stack up to. They are great too but that Ed Brown is just definitely the one for me! So I thank you again for a great gun and great service! I’ll definitely be coming in again soon!

Rada F. said on Sep 20, 2014

An awesome family run gun shop with a huge selection of firearms and most importantly a great customer service culture; especially as experienced from a woman’s perspective. The folks here are wonderful!

Btw; they have the best selection of AR-15 variants I have ever seen!

J S. said on Aug 16, 2014
best firearms shop in the area, knowledgeable and friendly family that runs it, happy to support local businesses.

Willis Shirley on Jun 28, 2014

very satisfied 5280 customer.

K Mac said on May 13, 2014
I took my new 22 rimfire can to the range for the first time this past week end, It was a lot of fun. A real blast, though more of a quiet time. The loudest noise while using subsonic rounds was the impact on the plates of the back stop. Thanks 5280 and Thank You Genn! You were great to deal with!

Frank Robertson said on Apr 7, 2014
Been doing business at this family run shop for years. Customer service, even when they can be pretty busy(they have relatively limited hours -CALL) is excellent. One example, recently arranged to purchase a used pistol, but in some mixup it got sold to someone else before I could get down there. Matt didn’t have another used one, so he offered to sell me a brand new one, in the box, of same model for the USED price! Ever hear of that anywhere else? Note-this is not a routine practice-they screwed up, but then they did everything they could to make it right. Hell, he could have just refunded my money! Heavy on modern sporting arms, not many antiques or used guns here -for that I go to one other shop in town-otherwise, if they can get it they get my business!

timothy pilkington said on Mar 18, 2014
Spyder helped me with my handgun purchase was very nice and personable and I got an outstanding value for monies paid. Could not be happier and I am proud to support and will continue to support this family business. I will reccomend this shop to all of my friends.

James Larosa said on Mar 1, 2014
My wife and I recently purchased a few firearms from here. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly and courteous, even though they were busy. They took the time to answer any questions and have gotten two lifelong customers. We now frequently visit 5280 Armory.

Rodney Brewster said on Feb 24, 2014
Took one of my accounts out to lunch one day last week and they said lets stop by 5280 Armory. I found the shop to be well stocked, large selection and very helpful staff. I came back on Sunday with my wife and bought my first gun from them a CZ P01. took it shooting later that day and it was a joy to shoot…..thank you and will be back.

Lee H. said on Feb 9, 2014
Best prices, best selection, best customer service!

Jamil Mathis said on Jan 30, 2014
Best in customer service,best in selection will only buy from them ever.

Kevin said on Jan 23, 2014
I went into 5280 expecting it to be like other gun shops where the people behind the counter act like you are an inconvenience to them. It was the exact opposite, they where very helpful and have earned my business. Their prices are superior and hard to beat. Keep up the good work.

Bonnie said on Jan 19, 2014
Absolutely, the best place to shop for all your firearm needs. The staff is great and always helpful. The prices are some of the best in town. I highly recommend checking 5280 Armory before you make a another firearm purchase.

Randy V. said on Jan 30, 2014
Just a great place to buy a firearm. Staff is helpful and very knowledgeable. Number 1 place to buy guns in the Denver area!

Dan S. said on Jan 9, 2014
Thank you! Thank you! My son brought me to your store a year ago and while I only purchased ammo, was amazed at the variety of firearms you had in inventory and how friendly and accommodating the staff were. I came back and purchased an FNH pistol in 2014 and you guys were great, somewhat hard to find pistol and you gave me an additional discount…most shops would mark it up! You have earned my future business.

2013 - Reviews

Austin said on Dec 28, 2013
I refuse to purchase my firearms anywhere else, 5280 has fair prices, great folks working there, and great products. This is a great local gun store that offers a wide variety of very exciting firearms, accessories, and much more. You can’t find another store anywhere close that offers uppers, lower, class 3 items, so on and so forth. The staff is very helpful and each member seems to have expertise in a different firearm more so than another might. I’ll go to one guy for all my handgun questions, another for my AR questions, and other for bolt actions. I often go in just to looks at the selection and talk guns with their team and other customers. Whatever you’re looking for, they have it and if they don’t, they will get it for you.

Lance P. said on Dec 20, 2013
5280 Armory has the best selection of guns in Colorado at the best prices and will give you the most when you want to trade. It is obvious the owner his family and employees are there because they enjoy what they do.

Jeff Morris said on Dec 2, 2013
5280 is a quality firearms store. Prices on both firearms and supplies are fair. The owners are honest, knowledgeable, and friendly. I’ve been a customer since 2004 and counting. They have the best selection in town and are more personable than those big box stores! If you are looking for quality all the way around, look no further as this establishment is awesome!

Todd B. said on Nov 30, 2013
I came in looking to buy a Remington .270 for my sons birthday. I had already done some homework about the gun at home. That way I can get to the point and skip all the sales talk jargin when I came in. Short story even shorty, I was impressed with the place, and the people who work there. When I need to build up my home arsenal, I’ll be going to 5280 Armory.

Joel Karschner said on Nov 15, 2013
5280 is hands down the best firearm store that I’ve shopped at. Super nice staff,knowledgeable, very helpful and I will not go anywhere else when shopping for firearms or anything else firearm related

Dana said on Nov 10, 2013
Hey I saw you guys donated a shotgun to the Recall Hudak Too effort. That’s awesome. I’m gonna have to check out your shop next time I’m in Denver!

Mike said on Nov 9, 2013
5280 is hands down the best gun store in Colorado. I never feel pressured to buy anything, and the sales staff is the most knowledgeable anywhere. No neckbeard laden tier 87 counter ninjas here! Keep up the great work Matt, Gina and staff – my debit card may hate you, but I love the rifles!

Jared P. said on Oct 27, 2013
This is hands down the best Colorado gun store! I am a Colorado native and have searched far and wide, and this place is supporting our 2nd amendment! Best selection, best prices, best customer service. Thank you Matt, Gina, and the rest of the 5280 Crew, keep being the best around! Thank you for supporting the 2nd amendment! Molan Labe!

Lee Gaines said on Oct 15, 2013
I’ve known Matt and Gina, from the very beginning of 5280 Armory. These are solid people who are knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve always been happy with each of my purchases and believe this to be the #1 gun shop in Colorado. You can trust them, they’ve got your back. Check them out!

Philip F. said on Oct 5, 2013
The best gun store I have ever been to in my life.  THE. BEST. EVER.  Fantastic selection, great prices (matches the best prices online), and no attitude.  Thank you for being there for us.

John said on Oct 3, 2013
made several stops there and several purchases. Great place. Looking to sell a firearm now and need some help

Mike H. said on Sep 28, 2013
First, let me say that I hardly ever write online reviews, unless I have a truly bad or truly great experience.  Having said that, this is the best gun shop and gun shop experience in the entire Denver area.  I went around to a lot of places to trade a gun out for another model and most places are a complete waste of time, or are simply trying to rip you off.  Then I came here and worked with the owner Matt.  Combine the good deal he gave me on the trade with their reasonable prices and they can’t be beat.  The rest of the staff was equally helpful and knowledgable.  I’ll definitely go back, they’ve won my business.

D. J. said on Sep 25, 2013
I just concluded a deal with 5280, and I have to say it was a great experience. Matt
was super helpful, as well as his staff.  He spent a lot of time with me despite the fact that there were a lot of other customers in the store. What I really found nice was the absence of the attitude of so many other gun stores that your stuff is&[email protected]? but ours is
priceless. Best gun shop in CO.

Chris said on Sep 6, 2013
Tremendous customer service. I appreciated the ease of completing a sell/buy transaction in a more than timely manner, hassle-free and with reasonable pricing on both sides of the deal. Great business Matt/Gina and the entire 5280 team.

Taylor said on Aug 26, 2013
I purchased my first firearm from 5280 Armory a few years ago and they were extremely helpful, answered all of my stupid questions, were never rude and gave me tons of info. Since then, I’ve grown my stash to a half dozen total (how’d that happen??) all from 5280 Armory and every experience has been awesome – what I know for a *fact* is my next firearm and the one after that (and the one after that) will be purchased at 5280 Armory. They’re the real deal.

Mike said on Aug 18, 2013
Wow! What a great place. And the customer service is top notch. I didn’t get the testosterone fueled guy behind the counter as in many other shops. What I got was personal and professional answers to my concerns, and knowledge on some things I hadn’t considered. That helped a lot in my final decision. 5280 is now my ONLY stop for my sporting needs. Pro American, Pro Business and Pro Customer Service.

tim austin said on Aug 3, 2013
best shop in town, friendly people and willing to service all your gun & ammo needs! great job guys & gals !

Gary S. said on May 24, 2013
Great service, friendly help, and a very large selection of all you fire arms needs.

Matthew said on May 11, 2013
I purchased my first firearm from them. It was a very informative and no pressure sale. Everyone from the sales team asked if I had any questions or wanted to see something. I goofed on my CBI and they didn’t get upset. Also everyone else in there at the time was well taken care of. Highly recommended!

M M. said on May 3, 2013
Just purchased my 5th weapon from these guys. This is the best gun shop in Colorado. Besides the fact they had the model I wanted, they actually had ammunition ! Always helpful. Matt took a bunch of time on a busy Friday to get me taken care of. Awesome 10 star gun shop!

Mike Walker said on Apr 26, 2013
About 4 years ago I stopped at 5280 looking for a particular revolver I couldn’t find any place else. I walked out with exactly what I was looking for and every gun I have purchased since that day has been from 5280. They have a very knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service and a great inventory!

John said on Apr 12, 2013
I made my first visit to 5280 the other day based on a friends recommendation. Excellent experience, friendly knowledgeable staff. 45 minutes out of my way, but this is where I will shop from now on!

D R. said on Mar 27, 2013
Great store very busy
Fair pricing considering the current demand.
I’ve bought 3 or 4 guns here over the past few years and have had a great experience with each purchase

Roger E. said on Feb 26, 2013
I heard your commercial on the radio car show program on Saturday and stopped by Sunday. All I can say is WOW! Great selection and great people. I walked out with a few more things than I wanted, but it was worth it. CRAZY number of people there, but i assume that is because you guys earned a good reputation. I will be back!

Chuck Hedrich said on Feb 24, 2013
I have been going to 5280 for quite a few years. I have also bought several guns and bulk ammo there. Every time I go in, I find everyone is helpful and has answers to what ever questions that I have about guns, ammo, or accessories. The prices are decent as well as a wide selection. When I go in there it’s hard to leave. You would have to go in there and see for yourself I would recommend 5280 armory to everyone.

Mike said on Feb 1, 2013
I have been looking for a Springfield XDS for quite some time now and thanks to 5280 Armory, the search is over! Thank Matt & Gina!

Bob said on Jan 31, 2013
First visit to 5280 after Jan 1, best inventory in the front range and knowledgeable people. The had the XDS I was looking for and bulk ammo available. Will buy from them again and recommend you try them.

Zach W. said on Jan 22, 2013
I bought my first gun from 5280 Armory (XDM .40). I have been to several other gun stores in the Denver metro area since, and none hold up to 5280 Armory. None have the size, inventory and amazing customer service they have. Even after moving substantially further from the store I still continue to make the trip every time I make a purchase.

Ed said on Jan 19, 2013
I had never been to 5280 Armory before yesterday. Will never go to anyone else again. This quite simply the best gun and gun accessory shop in Colorado. The family was very helpful even though it was busy. They weren’t rude like the guys in that Aurora shop on Potomac. Love 5280 Armory!

Wes Bower said on Jan 10, 2013

I have been doing business with 5280 for years. They started small, but have become the best gun store in the Denver Metro. They specialize in modern military firearms, and high quality pistols.
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Andrew Fate said on Dec 27, 2012

I have purchased and traded numerous firearms at 5280. Best shop I’ve ever been to. I’ll never buy from another shop, nor will my friends and family! Also, their CCW class was informative and well taught! Matt and Gina are always there and willing to help! Keep up the excellent work!

Bob said on Dec 20, 2012

I’ve been buying guns, traded several in and during the 7 plus years through gun shows and their current business; 5280 Armory has been fantastic.

David Beauxis said on Dec 20, 2012

I just purchased a Cimmaron .45 Long Colt, The store was packed, we waited out in the cold for about twenty minutes, once inside though the staff took time to help every customer and process everyone as quickly as possible. My thanks to the over worked staff I didn’t get a chance to thank all properly but I will definitely return for future classes and supplies…..Merry Christmas you guys!!!! Thanks again

Eric Sundberg said on Dec 17, 2012

Even with a jammed packed store for the holiday’s the sales team answered all my questions and got me my new XDM in no time flat. Thanks all !

Erik said on Dec 10, 2012

This is the best gun shop in Denver, and a perfect example of what a high quality local mom ‘n pop shop should be. Customer service is second to none, prices are competitive, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Don’t miss this place if you are a gun owner!

don hernandez said on Dec 3, 2012

I have made a few purchases in the past & will plan for another soon. Great inventory and staff

Mike Brickman said on Nov 12, 2012

How cool is it to have a Toy Box like 5280 Armory right in my own neighborhood?…Have been a customer for a few years now, and Matt and Gina will treat you right…

Mel Lavender said on Nov 9, 2012

I have purchased three guns from these guys and I each transaction was absolutely awesome. The sales staff usually know what they are talking about and if not, they will find out who in the shop does know, and then get them to help. I was looking for a 9mm for my wife and the salesman took me to check out their selection of used guns which saved me some money. I love supporting local guys instead of the big box stores. Check 5280 Armory out for your next gun purchase, you won’t go wrong.

Kurt Brenneman said on Nov 5, 2012

I Thought They Were Great People! I Was Not A State Resident Of Colorado So I Had To Turn My AR Lower Into A “Rifle” By Adding A Buttstock Before I Could Buy It And They Made It Happen! They Even Stayed After Closeing Until My Back Ground Check Came Back From The Puppet Masters.

robert woerner said on Nov 3, 2012

Great shop thank you for all your help when I was out from CA.

Tim B. said on Oct 30, 2012

I have purchased several firearms and loads of ammo from Matt and Gina at 5280 Armory over the years.  I highly recommend this shop above all others in the Denver metro area.

Dwayne H. said on Oct 13, 2012

The employees at 5280 Armory are great! Very helpful. I love my Savage 110BA and was willing to pay a little for the rifle because of the attitude from this shop. Never pushy or tried to get me to buy a more expensive rifle. Thanks! I will be back.

Pamela Morris said on Aug 28, 2012

Have slept with Ed Brown. Nice! LOVE my new Ed Brown 1911, although it has yet to improve my shooting. Gina and Matt, thank you again for spending so much time with us and helping us make a good decision on a fine pistol. Pamela Morris

David K. said on Jun 4, 2014
Very helpful staff and very, very knowledgeable.  They listened to my questions, went out of their way to be helpful, and in the end I was matched up with exactly what I was looking for.
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Dirk D. said on Dec 16, 2011

The best gun store in the Metro Area by far. It’s also a family owned and operated store. It’s like a giant toy store for firearm enthusiasts. They have an incredible selection of handguns. Both new and used. The walls are lined with a mouth watering assortment of assault rifles (tons of ARs and AR parts), shotguns and the like. They specialize in tactical firearms. They also have everything else you need including a whole room of holsters, gun cases, slings, etc. I picked up a Don Hume leather JIT slide, great for concealed carry. They have competitive prices on guns, ammo and everything else. I bought a box of Speer Gold Dot 124 grain 9mm hollow points for a very good price, almost as good as ‘Cheaper Then Dirt’ on the net. I set in my car for 5 minutes after I left then went back in and dropped a pile of cash on another handgun.  As I waited for my background check, I chatted with the owner, his wife and 2 daughters. They were super friendly and very helpful. Best service I have ever had at any of the gun stores around town. It was busy there but between them and their staff nobody got ignored. Check this place out and you will be impressed. Don’t forget your Wallet.

Dana C. said on Jun 26, 2011

Ammo prices on some calibers are as good as online prices. HUGE selection and they have a pretty good selection of Magpul accessories…which keeps me coming back. Wish they’d carry more AR15 pieces/parts for those of us that build.


Blake C. said on Jun 8, 2011

Mike and Gina, are 2 very nice business owners that know how to run a firearms store. I have bought numerous items from 5280 and have always been treated with professionalism and respect with every transaction and or visit to the armory. 5280 inventory, availability, and staffs knowledge is second to none!! Keep up the great work in the firearms business. ‘

Respectfully Submitted,

Blake Cassata (prior Law Officer& U.S. Marine )

David S. said on Apr 3, 2011

When looking to buy an AR, no other place in the Denver area had anywhere near the selection or price, and the sales staff is incredibly helpful.  No pressure to buy, just good advice and service.  Decent selection of used guns, as well.

Hunter E. said on Jan 6, 2011

Went to 5280 Armory yesterday to buy a Saiga SLG21.  They were the only shop in Denver that had the rifle in stock.  Although the location of the store is off the beaten path, it was well worth the drive.  I found the inventory of rifles, handguns and pieces/parts very impressive.  The staff was first rate and very knowledgeable, and the prices were competitive.  I echo an earlier post that this is the best gun shop in the metro area.  I dropped some cash there gladly, and intend to do so again.

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