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very satisfied 5280 customer.

Willis Shirley on Jun 28, 2014

I took my new 22 rimfire can to the range for the first time this past week end, It was a lot of fun. A real blast, though more of a quiet time. The loudest noise while using subsonic rounds was the impact on the plates of the back stop. Thanks 5280 and Thank You Genn! You were great to deal with!

K Mac said on May 13, 2014

Been doing business at this family run shop for years. Customer service, even when they can be pretty busy(they have relatively limited hours -CALL) is excellent. One example, recently arranged to purchase a used pistol, but in some mixup it got sold to someone else before I could get down there. Matt didn’t have another used one, so he offered to sell me a brand new one, in the box, of same model for the USED price! Ever hear of that anywhere else? Note-this is not a routine practice-they screwed up, but then they did everything they could to make it right. Hell, he could have just refunded my money! Heavy on modern sporting arms, not many antiques or used guns here -for that I go to one other shop in town-otherwise, if they can get it they get my business!

Frank Robertson on Apr 7, 2014


In 14 years, 5280 Armory has continuously broken the mold by gun shop standards and has since become Colorado’s Gun Shop! Our inventory is second to none! With over 2,000 rifles, shotguns and handguns in stock, our inventory speaks for itself (Click here to see what others have said, REVIEWS).  Enjoy an exciting shopping experience in our massive 4,300 square foot retail shop packed with your personal protection, marksmanship, and hunting needs, continuously unsurpassed in selection and service in the Denver area! We are also Colorado’s premier Class III dealer.  5280 Armory stocks transferable full auto weapons, ear protecting suppressors, and short barrels from most of the major industry manufacturers.  If we don’t have it, we will be happy to order it!   Also, we are  non-commission based, so rest assured that our friendly and experienced team will help you choose the right firearm to meet any special requirement you may have. Most exciting of all, coming Summer of 2014, you can use our indoor and onsite shooting range, The Range at 5280 Armory, to “try before you buy” from a diverse selection of rentaFirearmsls, including full autos!

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